Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kristen updates

Kristen turned over today, after a week of hip twists and leg swings. From lying on her back to lying on her tummy. Four months and three days old.

She has so little space on the carpet (Kristen makes do with the left over picnic, playhouse, school space-whatever her sister's are playing with that day), she didn't get very much practice. And when is it that are babies supposed to turn?

Latest vital statistics. Recorded at the doctors on 23th Aug 2010.

Weight: 7.16kg
Length: 62cm

She's the heavier than Caitlin and Ellie was at the same age. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Caitlin says the funniest things

"Mommy, can we have another baby? Kristen is not cute enough."

"God made me, right? He drew me."

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Smile :)

I just had to post this picture. Just to keep everyone who is reading this updated. Kristen. Two and a half months. She no longer looks like the newborn picture in my last picture post.

And this picture. Don't you think she looks like a splitting image of her sister? By the way that is Caitlin in the framed photo.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy advance

Nine years. We have been married for nine years! Seems like we were married only just yesterday. But you know what? I got the dates wrong in my diary. 11 Nov 2010. I marked it out in my diary and drew wedding bells. And then wrote, book dinner! But hey, my anniversary is on 10 Nov. Thankfully KM reminded me today and suddenly I am making all these last minute booking and babysitting arrangements. Thankfully, all 3 girls are asleep. Although I really should wake them up now (it is 5:30 already) if not I will definately regret not doing that tonight.

(Ok two girls are up. Can't write now.)

(Back to blogging.)

Planning for dinner sans kids is a major military operation. There are the grandmothers to call for babysitting. Checking KM's schedule. Finding a match between the grandmother's schedules and our own.

Not dinner on the 10th (our actual anniversary) because grandma (my mom) has her gym class. She has a personal trainer and usually makes these appointments way in advance. Not lunch on the 10th because granny (KM's mom) has another lunch date. How about Tuesday night the 9th? Grandma has work the next morning and has to go to bed early. At 6:00pm my mom calls. How about tonight?

Tonight? I exclaim, but isn't that a bit last minute? I am hot and sticky with my phone in one hand and my eyes on the laptop, scouring the restaurant reviews. I am not in any mood for a wedding anniversary celebration. But if the babysitter is available, tonight it will be. Suddenly the last minute arrangements for an anniversary dinner 2 days away become last minute arrangments for an dinner 2 hours away.

I call Sage. They are closed for the night. Then call Buko Nero. They are closed for the week, anyhow you usually need to book a month in advance. This must be the time of the year when Chefs take their holidays. So its down to our third choice, Jaan. (without Chef Andre who left earlier in the year to start a new restaurant.) I wonder if dinner will be as delightful as last year's.

It is 7:00pm. My mom arrives. I am combing my wardrobe for something to wear. My post-pregnancy body can only fit into 20% of my clothes. The Pucci lookalike sheath cannot get past my shoulders. Then I remember a little black dress at the back of my cupboard. I had insisted on getting it at a sale although it was too big at the time. Fortunately, this was the one thing I could now wear. I fish out some bling, whip out the oft not worn heels and in ten minutes, feel like a million dollars. It doesn't matter if I can't find a matching handbag or a wrap to hide my plunging neckline.

The dinner doesn't disappoint. Starter appetisers, and an array of desserts- raspberry sorbet balls, a selection of pastries, pralines, and a surprise anniversary birthday cake, thrown in on top of our 7 course degustation meal. Yum! By the end of the night I am so full I half-regret having asked for those extra black truffle brioches.

Two hours of frantic planning for a wonderful evening with the man of my dreams. Definately worth it.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

First steps towards chinese literacy

I have been getting a little worried about the state of affairs at home with regards to learning chinese. Everyone seems to be doing something or other about this whole learning-to-speak-chinese thing. I speak what I can occasionally at home and the girls love their Chinese story books. But what I speak, I am embarrassed to admit (after 10 years of chinese classes at school and tuition) can only be at best rudimentary and I have come to realise, pre-school level. It doesn't quite go beyond basic single sentences. So whatever the girls pick up at home will remain at that level. My friend C says, "Don't speak mandarin at home, you will teach them the wrong things!" But I figured that some mandarin (albeit bad) is better than none. At least the girls are not averse to learning the language. Oh, they love the cheesy chinese karaoke DVDs.
A good friend J and I have kids around the same age so we are getting a chinese class going and having a native chinese speaker come in to run a weekly class. I really hope this works out with the teacher coming over. Ellie just doesn't like unaccompanied classes and I am trying not to make babysitting arrangements everytime one of the older girls go for classes. And hopefully Ellie and Caitlin will learn to speak chinese on their own, and that I too will get some practice with a real chinese speaker.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Word Mix-up

Papa: What do you want to read tonight?
Caitlin: The big testament.
Papa: Er there is no big testament. Only the new and old testaments.
Caitlin: There is!! The big testament.
(Caitlin has the book open at the contents page).

On another occasion:
Ellie: The food goes down this way, into the small testament, then big testament.
(What Ellie really means is intestine)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kristen is 2 months old and almost doubled in size and I haven't even posted any pictures! My excuse is that I am too busy looking after 3 girls under 5.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Growing up

Kristen's growth milestones:
Kristen and I are participating in a research study about mothers and babies and nutrition. The researchers came over to interview us and take some measurements. Kristen at 3 weeks weighs 4.15kg and is 54cm long. She grew 3 cm in 3 weeks. Wow! And now at 4 weeks she feels so heavy its hard to remember how tiny she was when she came out.

Random things the girls say:
Ellie made this remark yesterday when Kristen sneezed,"Babies sneeze too because they are people."

Caitlin and I were having this conversation about why she calls KM daddy and not papa or pups or puppy like she used to. "Daddy is not a dog, he doesn't crawl"

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Kristen's been such a good baby. Sleeping. Feeding. Waking. Sleeping. Feeding. Here are the pictures!


Always let sleeping babies lie. I know I should be getting some sleep when Kristen naps but I can't help trying to catch up some reading or email or updating this blog.

Here she is awake. Kristen's been such a good natured baby so far.

Kristen's two older sisters adore her. Non of the Ellie-jealousy when Caitlin was born. Yesterday both sisters were dancing round her singing a self-composed Kristen song.

And here's one of the proud (and a little tired) Papa.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kristen has arrived

Kristen arrived on the 25th of August. After what seemed like a long wait (she was due on Aug 28 but Caitlin was 2 weeks early so I thought this little one would come out earlier) and one false alarm (was in the hospital a week before that with contractions coming every 10mins for about 8 hours before they decided to come every one hour).

Our 3rd little girl. And what a darling she is. Mostly sleeping and feeding and keeping us up at night! I'd almost forgot what is feels having a new born at home again. Having to wake up to feed, clean up her poo. Last night was a good night. She only woke up twice. But the 1st night home was rough. She was feeding hourly until she decided to sleep for a 2 hour stretch (phew!) at about 4am in the morning.

Ellie and Caitlin have been wonderful big sisters. They pretty much keep themselves busy for most of the day. Of course Caitlin's been really sticky to KM, but I haven't seen much of the jealousy that Ellie had when Caitlin was born. Ellie's all grown up now and loves her new little sister to bits. The transition with the new addition to our household has been smooth to say the least. Definitely an answered prayer.

And now something about Kristen's rather dramatic arrival. We arrived at the hospital about 9:15pm on the 24th with the contractions about 7mins apart. Real ones this time because they really hurt. The doctor-on-duty advised waiting for another 4 hours before bursting the water bag (which would then set everything in motion). At about 2:15am in the morning the doctor-on-duty came by to check on everything. I wasn't fully dilated so we still had a while to wait. Of course I was on epidural-thank God for pain relief! So I decided to try to get some sleep. Then around 4:30am I thought I felt some pain in my left. So the epidural wasn't working that well. The nurse helped turn me to the side so the epidural drug could flow in that direction. Tried to sleep again, but by I started feeling pain down below. And this time it felt like something was pushing its way out. KM was asleep and I woke him up to checking. Nothing he said, and went back to his armchair. Check again I told him. Then something splashed out, and the next minute Kristen literally leapt out onto the bed. The baby is here! KM ran to get the nurses and I beeped then with the control. That is the story of Kristen's entry into our world. 3.39kg. 51cm long.

Friday, August 13, 2010

One year older

One year older. Past the mid thirty mark. Scary isn't it. The thing is I don't that much older. It is only when the aches (of a 38 week pregnancy) set in, and I have to hoist myself up in bed that I realise that I am my energy level is not as it was before.

KM took the day off and made dinner (pork ribs, roast beef, chicken peach roast, couscous and pepper salad, miso salad) for the immediate family and bought ice-cream cake from my favourite ice-cream shop. The thing about KM's cooking is that he has really raised the bar- when we go out to your regular al fresco cafe or sandwich-grille type of place, the food isn't wow! anymore. It is something that we could really have done at home and better, for that matter.

Meanwhile I am waiting to pop! Kristen (that's her name for now) seems to be taking her time. I thought she could have been a birthday present but she has decided to let us wait it out.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Kartell Lou Lou Ghost Chair

We invested in a few designer chairs and lamps when we first moved into our home about five years ago. And since then everything else has been basic paired down stuff from places like Ikea. Partly because we didn't have space for any thing else and largely because when the girls came we decided that our next designer purchase would probably be when everyone grew up a little and learnt not to jump on the sofa or get crayons on our Eames and Stark dining chairs.

So it was a real treat for both us and girls when Aunty Mel and Uncle Tim had us over for tea yesterday and presented the Kartell Lou Lou Barbie Ghost Chair. They had ordered it a few weeks ago and kept it as a surprise for the girls. We didn't know what the surprise was. Only that it was from Space- so it had to be something designer and kiddie. Both girls were thrilled to have something pink and Barbie (Ellie especially) and KM and I were very pleased have something add another tasteful and collector worthy piece to our home. Finally, something "Barbie" that appealed to both Ellie and her parents. Of course came the issue of sharing this princess chair, Ellie being of the opinion that she is the princess and Caitlin the king (that has to sit on the Ikea wicker chair) or be the puppy by her side. Poor Caitlin. Another lesson in sharing trying to get the girls to take turns to sit on the Lou Lou.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"Milestones" at school

Caitlin went to school without her pull up pants today and came back with a dry panty. Hurray! A first- she's one the way to being potty trained.

I am not sure what Caitlin actually does at school.
Me: What did you do at school today?
Cait: Ate food
Me: Anything else?
Cait: Drank water...

Hmmm surely they do a lot more than that!?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Caitlin goes to school

 My little girl has grown up. It's been two days now, and so far, Caitlin just loves school. There are so many things in school to keep her busy she doesn't even turn round to say bye when I leave. I stayed for half and hour on the first day and just 15 minutes with her today to "settle her in", although after five minutes into school Caitlin really seemed so "settled", that it was really worry on my part about her not wanting to let go. Ellie took two weeks, but with her big sister with her, Caitlin is totally at ease in her new environment. She cried a little yesterday when the children crowded round to check out this new girl on the block and asked for me a couple of times, ("I cry-ded" said Caitlin) but by today, Miss Liz (the principal) said that she was "on her own". According to Ellie and Caitlin, Caitlin showed her "smelly cloth" for show-and-tell on monday and tried to get her new friends to smell it. Of course I don't think anyone did.

I am enjoying the 3 hours I get on my own. Catching up on sleep. Packing the house. Just having some quiet to do my own thing. Things that sound pretty mundane but are pure luxury when you have to deal with two active preschoolers for the rest of the day.

Caitlin on her first day at school.

The Enchanted Garden

The Enchanted Garden children's season at the Singapore Art Museum is such a great idea, it is a pity it is only running for 2 months. If I were living in a space this big this is what I would design for the girls. Concept driven play spaces, that a two and four year old can enjoy for hours. Even KM said he was inspired after the outing.

We travel light these days and hardly bring our SLR. These were taken with my iphone. The problem with using the iphone as a camera is that you just can't get enough light or enough speed to capture 2 girls going gaga over the spaces at the museum. These are two of the spaces.

All you need is some turf, green bean bags, space and lots of imagination. Ellie and Cait making themselves feel at home at Walter the Rabbit's garden.

Caitlin falling asleep in the Enchanted Garden.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

June Hols

The school holidays went by so quickly! Didn't really anything big this time round. Too tired to plan huge play dates or any really long days out. We went for church camp the first weekend. Then outings to the supermarket, the playgym, library, beach, Spotlight, the Science Centre and Sentosa with Papa. A picnic by our own pool, swimming, baking (pretty tasteless chocolate cupcakes), lots of drawing, painting sessions with grandma. Chilling out at home with toys. Somehow the 4 weeks just zipped by, and Caitlin will start school on Monday!

I can't believe Caitlin's going to school. Ellie is really excited to have her little sister go to school. She can't wait! Part of me is happy because I get three hours to myself (so precious) for 2 months (or maybe less) before the baby comes, but part of me will miss spending mummy time (the three hours when Ellie is usually at school) with Caitlin alone.

Here are some pictures of the girls at home. We just don't bring our camera out with us enough these days.

Ellie with her butterfly costume. I got the skirt and tee for $10 each! Unbelievable! They were on sale at  CottonOn Kids.

Caitlin with one of her favourite tees. I bought Caitlin a butterfly tee-shirt but she just wasn't as thrilled to wear it as her big sister was. Caitlin loves tees with animal pictures. Did I blog about what Caitlin says she wants to be when she grows up? She wants to be "An Elephant".

The two sisters goofing around.

Homemade Fairy Wands

Pictures of our home made fairy wands. We bought iron-ons and felt from Spotlight, used chop sticks from hawker centre takeaways, and stiffened the wands with card.

Ellie's pink (of course) wand.

Caitlin's blue (her favourite colour) wand.

Caitlin's do-it-myself wand made out of the felt scraps.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Enjoying the simple things

This is the life. Blogging by the pool while the girls enjoy their picnic and play and the space around. Now why don't I do this more often? I don't use the pool enough. It is only downstairs but we spend most of the time indoors and then try to figure out which beach holiday to have, when our own pool resort is just 2 minutes away downstairs.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I want to be Nemo when I grow up

Third time round, the aches are setting in earlier. Backache, leg aches, pelvic aches. Sigh, must be my age. I just don't remember feeling so tired during my first two pregnancies. Its the June school holidays but I just don't feel like planning anything big. A trip to the supermarket with the girls is enough for one day. Anyhow, Ellie and Caitlin seem to like busying themselves around the house for most part of the day, and so far (this afternoon for example) I have not had to tear them apart.

I feel like a beached whale for the most part (hope I don't look it). Two more months to go!

Caitlin is getting funnier. This bit here is about what they want to be when they grow up. Caitlin wants to be "Nemo" or "an elephant". Ellie want to be "a Ballerina in the morning, Mermaid in the afternoon and Artist at night." No one wants to be a doctor or lawyer. Too much arty crafty activity at home I think.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Random Moments

Sometimes looking after the girls full-time makes me go a bit beserk. Some days are just crazy and with the pregnancy-tiredness.  Just one tantrum is enough to throw me off for the rest of the day. But these little things keep me sane and remind me why I chose to stay at home with the girls. Some random moments.

Caitlin (ever so wise),"Why are they fighting in Bangkok?"

Caitlin (again, she cracks me up this fiesty little one)," Papa's eyebrows (are) furry, mama. I like to pinch Papa's eyebrows. Pinch! Like that!"

Ellie (ever so jealous whenever KM gives me a good night kiss along with the 2 of them), "Mama, if you feel like kissing Papa, you must control yourself"

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

All in a days work

I thought I would put these up cos the girls look so serious about their work. I can't remember what exactly they were doing. I think it was Its a great reading site by the way.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Crafty Days

We spent almost two weeks at home when Ellie and Caitlin were down with Hand Foot Mouth. When you are stuck at home, doing something crafty keeps everyone sane. Of course, as usual I am posting these late. I really admire those crafty moms who blog (and make a living out of blogging), craft (and of course update their blogs with their crafty creations almost everyday), manage 3 or 4 kids, cook and clean, AND manage to write and publish books about their crafty exploits. Will get there some day..

Here are the clutch bags we made together. Got the basic pattern you see below from Martha Stewart then dug around for old iron ons and felt and my old button collection. Ellie wanted butterflies and flowers and Cait wanted fish both wanted lots and lots of buttons! The girls loved gluing down the buttons, butterflies and fish. Of course I then had to sew all the buttons down so that the bags could take the wear and tear of 2 preschooler bag-lovers.

The completed bags! 

Both girls having fun arranging the buttons and butterflies and fish.

These are great do-it-yourself from ELC. Got them from my good friend PS a while back. Finally made another 2 puppets. Ellie and Cait had good fun biting each other with their zebra and crocodile puppets.

Also another christmas present. Not sure if I did these right though. These sun catchers wouldn't peel of the plastic base.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Working from home

This is what working from home looks like. Having children run past when you are trying to get some photography done. Playing dollies and teatime just inches from the photo setup. I actually like how this turned out.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wise words from someone so little

KM got a magnetic strip to put on the side of our car to protect the doors from dings. (Our 2 month old car has been getting lots of dings on the sides.) It is a yellow white board magnet, and like anything new, elicited questions from the girls.  This time it was little Caitlin's turn to surprise me.

Caitlin: What is that?
Me: A magnet.
Caitlin: What is that for?
Me: To protect our car.
Caitlin: Just like Jesus.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Smelly like a pig

I always marvel at how little children just acquire a language. To go from not speaking (anything) to speaking in full sentences in two years is nothing short of amazing. After Caitlin turned two she's just been rattling on and on. She's becoming quite a fiesty little sister. Ellie has certainly met her match.

Just two ago, the two sisters were at it again. I can't remember what it was about but then as Ellie walked past Caitlin, Caitlin belted out,

"I will poo poo on your head and then you will be smelly like a pig."

Ok what she said isn't great. A little two year old shouldn't be talking about poo poo. But hey, I thought that it was pretty complex with a analogy and all.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Ellie. Four years old.

 I'm doing some freelance work running an online shop. And part of the work involves photographing these handmade clothes to list them for sale. I usually wait for some time when the kids are otherwise occupied or asleep to get my work done but this time I decided to involve them with my work. Once I set up my stuff outside the outside, Ellie and Cait just started running around and darting in front of the camera. So I thought, the lighting is great the background undistracting. Why not take some pictures of my kids too. I got Ellie to stand still for just one moment, and snap I got this shot. The only one before she set off running again. I usually have to take a train of shots before getting a nice one. This is time my only shot turned out good. Or course Caitlin didn't stay still enough for long for me to get anything. So here is Ellie. Four years old.

Been ages since I posted a photo, hasn't it?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A New Year to Remember

Its Chinese New Year. We usually spend at least 2 days visiting. This year we spent the New Year in and out of the 24 hour clinic (the regular doctors close for this nationwide holiday), feeling sick and mopping up stuff, disinfecting. One crazy New Year with a really nasty stomach flu. In order of sickness- Caitlin, me, Ellie and Kee Meng (almost) and then my mom (because she looked after the girls so that I could at least get one day of rest). Don't really want to go into the details here but getting the stomach flu is a really messy tiring affair.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Life and times

This is the first blog of the year. And its almost Febuary. I have been absolutely tired and had morning sickness for most of the last few weeks. We are expecting our 3rd! That's good news, but its taken a toll on blogging. Its just no fun managing two little girls with the nausea. I try to sleep early too, because the my sleep is always interrupted, especially since we got the girls into their own room. The last time I tried staying up till one, I had the flu for the rest of the week. Been busy setting up an online store too for a social enterprise which helps disadvantaged mothers.  Will link it to this site soon.

Anyway this is something I had to record.

KM, tired after a long day of work, hands Ellie her milk for the night, wordlessly, and rather grumpily "Hmmm!"
Ellie in reply, " Jesus doesn't say Hmmm!. He says 'let the children come to me'"
KM," Well, I am not as patient as Jesus"
Ellie, "Well I didn't say you WERE Jesus"