Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Blog Address

My brother migrated me over to this new address- some technical reason for not being able to keep me on the other address. Something about sub-domains and hosting. That's why I have not been blogging for a week or so. Not that it makes that much difference since I blog so little anyhow.

Ellie went on her first school outing today. I decided not to follow her, (although parents were allowed to accompany their child) to let her be on her own for a bit and get a few hours alone with Caitlin. Of course I was ready for plan B- which would have been driving down with Caitlin and helper in tow if she kicked up a big fuss (she is prone to hysterics) about wanting me to go along. But she didn't. She calmly said good bye without as much as a tear.

So Caitlin had some mummy time. I decided to go for a trial kiddy play-gym type of class. I thought Caitlin, being the more outgoing and active of the two sisters would really enjoy this class, but no. I spent most of the class playing with her solo and carrying her (she cried almost half the time) while the other mums and babies sat in a circle and sang songs or got their kids to climb this structure or other. The other kids seemed to be having a good time. Not my Caitlin. Think the money could have been better spent. Especially since some the things they did in class like songs and bubbles and stuff with toys were pretty much what I do with the kids. Except the gym bit-we don't have gym equipment. So maybe that's what the parents pay for.
KM is hogging the study room computer (where the photos are downloaded) with another conference call. That's my excuse for not posting pictures tonight.

Catilin's words

Mama. Papa. Jiejie. Fshsh (Fish). Shsh. (Shoes). Woo Woo! (Dog)
I went back to read some old blog entries I wrote when Ellie was about the same age as Caitlin and realised I wasn't even keeping track of Caitlin's words.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Stunt-girl Cait and barely-eating Ellie

I wouldn't expect someone just one try riding her rocking horse standing up. But that's what Caitlin our little stunt girl does. She's all over the place and I can't turn my back without fearing that she will fall and bump her head again. She is a lot more into climbing and exploring her physical environment than Ellie ever was at that age. Bouncing on and of the sofa. Climbing on and off Ellie's tricycle (she is more interested in the tricycle than Ellie is). That the two sisters are turning out quite different is quite fascinating, since KM and I have had the same parenting style for both. Its probably a combination of birth order and nature but Caitlin is just so easy going and is always laughing with that gleeful glint in her eye.and people-oriented while Ellie just wants the attention for herself and can't stand sharing it. Caitlin eats almost anything and Ellie hardly eats anything- she just has so little interest in food.

Today I managed to feed Ellie the most she's eaten in a week in record time. She's addicted to milk (I know that fills her up) and short of having her go cold-turkey, we've tried everything to get nutrition past her lips. I always get so stressed about her having bird-sized meals and mealtimes are always a battle. What worked today was turning the whole feeding thing into a game. At teatime, I pretended that I was at the Botanic Gardens feeding two little fish (Caitlin and Ellie) in the carpet pond by popping bread into their mouths, deliberately using Caitlin as a catalyst for the feeding exercise. She got the small pieces and Ellie the big ones. By the end of the game Ellie had finished almost a whole piece of bread. Then at dinner time we had a eating match. I laid her pasta bolognaise in an ice cube tray with tiny treats at intervals so she had to finish the food in 3 compartments or so before arriving at a treat (bits of gummies and seaweed). She finished her meal in 15 minutes. The things parents do to get their child to eat.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Caitlin eats anything

Caitlin 14 Jan

It isn't easy to find something that Caitlin doesn't like to eat. Well maybe her baby cereal when she sees better fare on the breakfast table.*

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Little steps towards independence

I'm back to writing one blog a month. This is Ellie's second week at school. She's taking a while to adjust to being alone at school and I am still taking a while to settle her in before she gives me a tearful goodbye. I thought the tears would only last one or 2 weeks but judging by stories of other kids crying for 6 months I think it will be a few more weeks or months before I can just drop her off at the doorstep with a quick hug and kiss and "Bye bye mommy." Its getting better though. She cried 20 minutes last friday when I left her for 1 hour and probably less than 5mins today when I left her for one and a half hours.

I really like her new school. Her teachers are fun and dedicated and really take the effort to make Ellie enjoy her day at school. Ellie likes it too although she has started kicking a fuss about not going and asking me to turn around and go home when she realises that she will be left on her own. The good thing is that she's eating her lunch at school (she finished all her speghetti today-never before!) so that's one less meal to worry about.  Ellie's one of the two brand new students in this montessori which has a mixed class of two and half to six year olds and I am the only mommy who has accompanied Ellie this long.

Today, when I came to pick Ellie up from school, Miss AC reccounted a little conversation Ellie had with one of her new friends Ella. Ellie's is making little steps towards independence.

Ellie: Is your mommy here?
Ella: No
Ellie: Then are you happy?
Ella: Yes I am
Ellie: My mommy isn't here too. I am happy.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Caitlin has a blankie too

Caitlin's blankie 03 Jan

 Ellie can't leave home without her "mama's scarf" and teddy bear called Waffles. Now Caitlin too has a blankie-any blanket really or T-shirt, as long as it is soft. The best thing is finding out that a blankie keeps Caitlin quiet in the car. If only we had found out earlier..*