Tuesday, June 16, 2009

All in a days work

We survived our first Church Camp. Boy was it tiring; with Caitlin sick and Ellie wanting us to accompany her to the children's programme. KM and I took turns to babysit and between as managed to go to most of the talks. I am glad we did it. Both girls were really good in the car- even on the five and a half hour (Phew!!) trip back from Malacca. Ellie also performed on stage for the first time. She almost didn't make it up that stage-clinging onto me and holding KM's hand until the very last minute.

Ellie, as we were heading back to Singapore along the causeway "We have this toy bridge."

Oh yes, and this is funny too. I was trying the other day to explain to Ellie why her colouring printouts were not coming out, "The printer is 'not responding'- which is what happens when I call you, Ellie and I do not get an answer." Just the other night KM fell asleep on the couch only to wake to hear Ellie say "Papa, you are like a statue, you are not responding. "

Colouring milestone

Is there such a thing as a colouring milestone? I really wish Ellie would draw more but lately all she wants to do is colour colour colour. At one stage everything was pink, then it was all multicoloured. Now she is putting real colours together. And colouring within the lines. I know that is not a big deal and the creative types all colour out of the line, but I just had to blog about this.
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