Wednesday, April 21, 2010

All in a days work

I thought I would put these up cos the girls look so serious about their work. I can't remember what exactly they were doing. I think it was Its a great reading site by the way.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Crafty Days

We spent almost two weeks at home when Ellie and Caitlin were down with Hand Foot Mouth. When you are stuck at home, doing something crafty keeps everyone sane. Of course, as usual I am posting these late. I really admire those crafty moms who blog (and make a living out of blogging), craft (and of course update their blogs with their crafty creations almost everyday), manage 3 or 4 kids, cook and clean, AND manage to write and publish books about their crafty exploits. Will get there some day..

Here are the clutch bags we made together. Got the basic pattern you see below from Martha Stewart then dug around for old iron ons and felt and my old button collection. Ellie wanted butterflies and flowers and Cait wanted fish both wanted lots and lots of buttons! The girls loved gluing down the buttons, butterflies and fish. Of course I then had to sew all the buttons down so that the bags could take the wear and tear of 2 preschooler bag-lovers.

The completed bags! 

Both girls having fun arranging the buttons and butterflies and fish.

These are great do-it-yourself from ELC. Got them from my good friend PS a while back. Finally made another 2 puppets. Ellie and Cait had good fun biting each other with their zebra and crocodile puppets.

Also another christmas present. Not sure if I did these right though. These sun catchers wouldn't peel of the plastic base.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Working from home

This is what working from home looks like. Having children run past when you are trying to get some photography done. Playing dollies and teatime just inches from the photo setup. I actually like how this turned out.