Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Catilin started calling Mamama on Saturday 4th Oct. And now she goes Jiejie sometimes. Caitlin loves her big sister. They are such a giggly pair when Ellie is not in one of her leave-me-alone moods.

And Ellie has started eating (properly). It has been a long battle. More than a year of ups and downs. I can’t say we are over it because it has only been two days. The best meals in months I think. I can’t remember when she emptied her plate, but she did tonight and sitting down in one spot to boot. Wow. I don’t even expect her to eat everything on her plate, at least something. The eating had gotten so bad at one point I was down to charting all her meals and reading Supernannny for help. I hope this is a good beginning.