Saturday, July 9, 2011

A (very) short break

With three under-sixes, its a lot more tiring going on holiday than just staying in. A break is never a real break. The change of environment helps and the girls LOVE hotels. But at the end of it we (the adults) feel more tired than before we left. Tiredness aside, it is always nice to get away, even if it is just a half and hour drive away to rediscover parts of our tiny island. Sentosa, for all its tourist tackiness, can be enjoyable. I like exploring new cities or enjoying good weather with a mountain as a backdrop or some mongolian plain but I think those sort of holidays will have to be on hold for now. So we made last minute holiday plans for Sentosa at the newly, and half-opened Movenpick Heritage Hotel. For just one night.

Kristen enjoying with room.

Buffet Breakfasts are the best. The girls love the choice of food. There is always something to eat. KM takes this as a chance to introduce the contraband BACON!! to Caitlin. Love the decor.

10 Month old Kristen gets to pick at the food too.

Peas in a pod.

A tired momma

Picking shells on the beach

Monkeying around

Lunch at Palio. Just across our hotel. Great pizza. Ellie and Caitlin chomp up almost half a Margherita.