Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kristen . 6months

Weight: 8.166kg
Height: 66 or 69cm (not sure which, 2 different measurements in consecutive days)

1. says "Mmmm"- for mummy I think
2. puts her hand up and down to wave (25 Feb 2011)
3. lifts her tummy off the bed in an (almost) crawling position (27 Feb 2011)
4. has taken to waking up at night!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Catching up

It is half way through February, and no post for the month.

In fact this has been a rather lean year for posts.  There just isn't enough time for so many things each day. By the time I put the girls to bed, I have a few hours before my bedtime to catch up on my Mother and Child Project work (that's the onlineshop, photography, facebook publicity I am doing), email, time with KM, newspapers, catching up on whatever reading material I can get my hands on. There is just so little time to blog. Maybe because it hasn't been much of a priority. Just a note on newspapers. We have our newspaper delivered to us on fridays and weekends because I still love getting the real newspaper. Reading the newspaper online just isn't the same. So, maybe making Sunday night my official blogging night will help. You really do need the structure to get the writing going.

I guess I am just not one of those twitter types. Typing in whatever comes to mind at any point of the day. I need my moments of reflection.

This blog is a chronicle of my life. At least bits of it. Whatever I remember or have the time to write about. So what happened in February?

Chinese New Year. We celebrated this year, after missing the New Year last year when we were down with stomach flu. Yucky and messy. Kristen's first new year.

KM's birthday. Took days to plan this surprise party, which wasn't as much of a surprise in end.

"What time do I need to come back from my party tonight." KM asked as he went off to work on the morning of his birthday. What really surprised KM was 1. what we had for dinner. "The best (homemade) Bak Kut Teh in town" in the words of my brother.  2.  The chocolate fudge birthday cake from Lana cake shop. A blast from the past. And wow! this now costs S$37. I think it cost at least S$10 less the last time I bought a cake from there. I love how the deco hasn't changed since I was little. The old mosaic floor, bits of wooden furniture straight from some old grandmother's house. 3. The fact that the guests were early. Ok, we should have thought of hiding the shoes. 4. His birthday presents. The girls and I got KM chips chips and more chips. I stock the larder with healthy snacks. So this was a real treat.  

Kristen starts to eat real food. 10 Feb: Rice Cereal. 11 Feb: Rice Cereal with banana. 17 Feb: Rice Cereal and Pureed apple dessert. Her poo starts to change- now do you really need to know that?

Ellie alternates between defiance and sweetness. She helped to carry Caitlin from the car to the lift today when Caitlin was all whiny and wanted some one to carry her. I really should have taken a photo of Caitlin with her eyes closed on her sister's shoulder.

Caitlin is just plain playful. I know kids are kids, but you just need to yell once in a while to get things done.