Monday, June 26, 2006

Creeping Clockwise

What do you do when you are lying tummy down and can’t manage to move more than an inch forward? You can lift both your legs of the ground kick them in the air (big effort), you can move your hands off the ground and sometimes your bum lifts off. But your tummy just won’t budge. Well, use your tummy as a pivot and move round clockwise for a change of perspective.  

Monday, June 19, 2006

Hangover Mondays

People are now are saying that Ellie looks like Kee Meng. She started off looking like me but now she is beginning to look like her father. So Kee Meng now has his mini-me. Female baby version.

Monday’s are Ellie’s hangover days. She either sleeps all day to make up for loss of weekend-sleeptime OR ends up not sleeping much at all. Trying to process all that she has seen over the weekend. Too excited to close her eyes for fear of missing out on something good. I tried to put Ellie to sleep by reading the market report from the Straits Times Money Page. These things usually bore me but Ellie ended up enjoying the read. I think I put too much excitement into the Dow Jones index.
Had lunch at Cat’s house today. A gathering of babies and Moms. Eleanor joined the group with her two month old. Can’t believe Ellie was a little needy constant feeder just a few months ago. Time flies. It certainly does.