Monday, August 6, 2007

17 months. Bits and bites

17 months. Yesterday. Bits and bites that I just need to record.

We started this counting game. I didn’t know Ellie could get past “3″ until K told me she was counting in the bath last week. I realised she cannot get past 3 because she cannot pronounce “three”. Then last week in the car we decided to help her along. We did all the odd numbers and Ellie filled in the even ones…. and we got to 10! Ellie was so excited she shouted “again” and we did this almost 10 times until we got home. Then just a few days ago she finished up her “eight, nine, ten” all by herself.

Then last night, hurrah! we got Ellie to bed by 830. She dozed off drinking her milk with “Ni Wa Wa” (Chinese Children’s Karaoke DVD) playing in the background. Then at 1am when everyone else was asleep,  she woke up. Lucid as if she hadn’t been asleep at all. “Wa wa…watch”

She heads to the door, “Door” “Wa wa”. What? Watch your chinese Karaoke at 1am?  So K follows her out. In a few minutes, I stumble out of the room and see father and daughter sitting on the sofa watching TV. Oh no, I think this is probably going to be a long night.

Then a few songs later, Ellie says “Off”. “Are you sure you want to turn this off?”, we ask.

“Off” Ellie repeats.

So fifteen minutes later we are back in the room. I ask Ellie if she wants some milk and I get her bottle from the fridge. She lies down between us, drinks her milk, hands her bottle back to me when it is empty then promptly goes back to sleep. Funny girl that Ellie, you never know what to expect.