Thursday, January 28, 2010

Life and times

This is the first blog of the year. And its almost Febuary. I have been absolutely tired and had morning sickness for most of the last few weeks. We are expecting our 3rd! That's good news, but its taken a toll on blogging. Its just no fun managing two little girls with the nausea. I try to sleep early too, because the my sleep is always interrupted, especially since we got the girls into their own room. The last time I tried staying up till one, I had the flu for the rest of the week. Been busy setting up an online store too for a social enterprise which helps disadvantaged mothers.  Will link it to this site soon.

Anyway this is something I had to record.

KM, tired after a long day of work, hands Ellie her milk for the night, wordlessly, and rather grumpily "Hmmm!"
Ellie in reply, " Jesus doesn't say Hmmm!. He says 'let the children come to me'"
KM," Well, I am not as patient as Jesus"
Ellie, "Well I didn't say you WERE Jesus"