Monday, August 6, 2012

Kristen finishes her pasta- a big deal

We've always had a fussy eater in the family. Some families have to stop their kids from wolfing down their meals but my problem has always been getting them to eat up whatever it is on their plate. Of course there are the favorite dishes-chicken rice, chicken noodles, french fries. The not so healthy sorts of food which we replicate at home with a healther, less oily version.  But mealtimes at our home have always long drawn affairs.

The latest to join our hall of fame of fussy eaters is Kristen, the milk guzzler who picks at her food at mealtimes and spits out whatever doesn't catch her fancy. It is always difficult to catch her at the point where she is hungry but not hungry enough to start yelling for milk. All the books say that a child at her age (almost 2) should be having regular meals and with their milk as a beverage. With Kristen, it's milk and more milk in between the snack-portioned mealtimes. 

So when, all of a sudden, (literally overnight) Kristen suddenly decides not to drink her milk and decides instead to open her mouth to receive spoon after spoon of pasta, I am stumped. I do recall praying about this but probably in passing rather than in earnest.  I believe God does listen to the smallest of prayers so I certainly hope ths is the beginning of a new dawn- a phase of eating rather than rejecting food. And so it was with great happiness that I spooned out the last spoonful of pasta and stew today at lunchtime and stared at the empty bowl in disbelief. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Kristen learns to talk

Kristen's word-log at 22 months

early June 2012: "no more chips papa" (one of her earliest sentences)

mid June 2012: "close door now! One two three four five......"(she's learning to count from because I count to get the older ones to do there chores)

29 June 2012: "Mummy look! ant climbing bunny's ear!" (there really was an ant on Bunbun's ear)

05 July 2012: Kristen tells everyone "Tammy gave me this" (her new kitty cat)

05 July 2012:  "Mama, wat you doing in the toilet??" (this is the shocker! I wasn't expecting so many words so soon!)

Monday, March 12, 2012

twinker tweenker leetle tar

Its already March ?!! And this is my second post for the year! Just a few notes before the moment passes.

Kristen (18 Months), is starting to speak in couplets.
Drin(k)....Tater (Water)

And sings "twinker tweenker leetle tar, howI wunder hmmm hmm hmm".

The third child does get the fewest posts, but really she such a good humored, funny little cheeky one and a half year old. 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bible reading Ellie

Ellie is reading the NIV Bible. We gave her a bible for christmas. She wanted a "princess" bible, the one that her cousin Erika has. The princess bible is a regular bible with a pink shiny cover and a diamante clasp, and with absolutely tiny print, something I couldn't read it without hurting my eyes. There are so many bibles for children with a 6 or 7 font size! So I got her the Young Woman of Faith Bible. She's now at Genesis 9, underlining the words she doesn't yet understand.  I'm pretty amazed she's gotten so far-she's five going on six.