Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kristen has arrived

Kristen arrived on the 25th of August. After what seemed like a long wait (she was due on Aug 28 but Caitlin was 2 weeks early so I thought this little one would come out earlier) and one false alarm (was in the hospital a week before that with contractions coming every 10mins for about 8 hours before they decided to come every one hour).

Our 3rd little girl. And what a darling she is. Mostly sleeping and feeding and keeping us up at night! I'd almost forgot what is feels having a new born at home again. Having to wake up to feed, clean up her poo. Last night was a good night. She only woke up twice. But the 1st night home was rough. She was feeding hourly until she decided to sleep for a 2 hour stretch (phew!) at about 4am in the morning.

Ellie and Caitlin have been wonderful big sisters. They pretty much keep themselves busy for most of the day. Of course Caitlin's been really sticky to KM, but I haven't seen much of the jealousy that Ellie had when Caitlin was born. Ellie's all grown up now and loves her new little sister to bits. The transition with the new addition to our household has been smooth to say the least. Definitely an answered prayer.

And now something about Kristen's rather dramatic arrival. We arrived at the hospital about 9:15pm on the 24th with the contractions about 7mins apart. Real ones this time because they really hurt. The doctor-on-duty advised waiting for another 4 hours before bursting the water bag (which would then set everything in motion). At about 2:15am in the morning the doctor-on-duty came by to check on everything. I wasn't fully dilated so we still had a while to wait. Of course I was on epidural-thank God for pain relief! So I decided to try to get some sleep. Then around 4:30am I thought I felt some pain in my left. So the epidural wasn't working that well. The nurse helped turn me to the side so the epidural drug could flow in that direction. Tried to sleep again, but by I started feeling pain down below. And this time it felt like something was pushing its way out. KM was asleep and I woke him up to checking. Nothing he said, and went back to his armchair. Check again I told him. Then something splashed out, and the next minute Kristen literally leapt out onto the bed. The baby is here! KM ran to get the nurses and I beeped then with the control. That is the story of Kristen's entry into our world. 3.39kg. 51cm long.

Friday, August 13, 2010

One year older

One year older. Past the mid thirty mark. Scary isn't it. The thing is I don't that much older. It is only when the aches (of a 38 week pregnancy) set in, and I have to hoist myself up in bed that I realise that I am my energy level is not as it was before.

KM took the day off and made dinner (pork ribs, roast beef, chicken peach roast, couscous and pepper salad, miso salad) for the immediate family and bought ice-cream cake from my favourite ice-cream shop. The thing about KM's cooking is that he has really raised the bar- when we go out to your regular al fresco cafe or sandwich-grille type of place, the food isn't wow! anymore. It is something that we could really have done at home and better, for that matter.

Meanwhile I am waiting to pop! Kristen (that's her name for now) seems to be taking her time. I thought she could have been a birthday present but she has decided to let us wait it out.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Kartell Lou Lou Ghost Chair

We invested in a few designer chairs and lamps when we first moved into our home about five years ago. And since then everything else has been basic paired down stuff from places like Ikea. Partly because we didn't have space for any thing else and largely because when the girls came we decided that our next designer purchase would probably be when everyone grew up a little and learnt not to jump on the sofa or get crayons on our Eames and Stark dining chairs.

So it was a real treat for both us and girls when Aunty Mel and Uncle Tim had us over for tea yesterday and presented the Kartell Lou Lou Barbie Ghost Chair. They had ordered it a few weeks ago and kept it as a surprise for the girls. We didn't know what the surprise was. Only that it was from Space- so it had to be something designer and kiddie. Both girls were thrilled to have something pink and Barbie (Ellie especially) and KM and I were very pleased have something add another tasteful and collector worthy piece to our home. Finally, something "Barbie" that appealed to both Ellie and her parents. Of course came the issue of sharing this princess chair, Ellie being of the opinion that she is the princess and Caitlin the king (that has to sit on the Ikea wicker chair) or be the puppy by her side. Poor Caitlin. Another lesson in sharing trying to get the girls to take turns to sit on the Lou Lou.