Friday, August 13, 2010

One year older

One year older. Past the mid thirty mark. Scary isn't it. The thing is I don't that much older. It is only when the aches (of a 38 week pregnancy) set in, and I have to hoist myself up in bed that I realise that I am my energy level is not as it was before.

KM took the day off and made dinner (pork ribs, roast beef, chicken peach roast, couscous and pepper salad, miso salad) for the immediate family and bought ice-cream cake from my favourite ice-cream shop. The thing about KM's cooking is that he has really raised the bar- when we go out to your regular al fresco cafe or sandwich-grille type of place, the food isn't wow! anymore. It is something that we could really have done at home and better, for that matter.

Meanwhile I am waiting to pop! Kristen (that's her name for now) seems to be taking her time. I thought she could have been a birthday present but she has decided to let us wait it out.

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