Monday, August 2, 2010

Kartell Lou Lou Ghost Chair

We invested in a few designer chairs and lamps when we first moved into our home about five years ago. And since then everything else has been basic paired down stuff from places like Ikea. Partly because we didn't have space for any thing else and largely because when the girls came we decided that our next designer purchase would probably be when everyone grew up a little and learnt not to jump on the sofa or get crayons on our Eames and Stark dining chairs.

So it was a real treat for both us and girls when Aunty Mel and Uncle Tim had us over for tea yesterday and presented the Kartell Lou Lou Barbie Ghost Chair. They had ordered it a few weeks ago and kept it as a surprise for the girls. We didn't know what the surprise was. Only that it was from Space- so it had to be something designer and kiddie. Both girls were thrilled to have something pink and Barbie (Ellie especially) and KM and I were very pleased have something add another tasteful and collector worthy piece to our home. Finally, something "Barbie" that appealed to both Ellie and her parents. Of course came the issue of sharing this princess chair, Ellie being of the opinion that she is the princess and Caitlin the king (that has to sit on the Ikea wicker chair) or be the puppy by her side. Poor Caitlin. Another lesson in sharing trying to get the girls to take turns to sit on the Lou Lou.

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