Monday, December 22, 2008

Caitlin is 1

I can’t believe Caitlin is one, but she is. It just seemed like only yesterday that we brought her home from the hospital. Our little itsy bitsy baby has become a little girl walking (and trying to run a little) all over the house. An early walker she is, more interested in climbing up the sofa and onto the table than she is in reading picture books and playing with soft toys like her sister did at the same age. After months of putting up with a strong-willed sister who would try to bit her and lean too hard on her, Caitlin has started to fight back. Now that she has presents of her own (birthday and christmas ones) Caitlin is staking her ground, she tries to bite back when Ellie gets in her way or takes her pressies. That said, there is really not that much biting these days. On good days, the sisters play together.

We had a family hotel -high tea inspired lunch for Caitlin’s birthday. It was lots of fun but I think KM and I just underestimated the preparation time. I was still in my home shorts when the guests started arriving. I can’t remember how many sandwiches I made.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Not quite started

Not quite started yet. My blog is still with wordpress.

Off the cuff again

December 13, 2008

I haven’t written in ages and haven’t posted a photo in months. It’s just been words words words for a long time. So what I’ve decided is to insert my photos via backdated posts, now that I have cleared my backlog of photos in my camera. Hundreds of photos. 4 GBs worth. The postdated entries will have an * at the end.
That aside, bringing the girls out has gotten easier. I used to dread the mealtimes out of the house, but now we have begun to have civilised sit-down meals at cafes and restaurants with Caitlin wolfing down her meal and part of ours and Ellie drinking her juice and nibbling on chips and nuggets (definately, definately! not my idea of a meal but at least she sits at the table). 

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ellie's first "Princess Pedicure"

03 Dec

For a while Ellie had this thing about going everywhere with me. She actually behaves pretty well when we are out alone (without having to compete with Caitlin for attention) so I sometimes bring her along for my girly outings. This time it was a pedicure with my good friends PS and J.*

Monday, December 1, 2008

Pink playdough (by the way Pink is Ellie's favourite colour)

I try to have activities that both sisters can do together. We dance in the mornings, play games like football and hide and seek. A lot of the time it is pretend-play. We shop; Ellie and Caitlin go around the house with hats and handbags, Mama is both the mama and "shop-lady". We play dress-up; Ellie pulls hats out of our dress-up box, sometimes Ellie and now Caitlin wear my t-shirts. And we play "doctor-doctor"; Caitlin is the nurse, Ellie directs the patients, and her doll is the doctor.

When we are in the whole day I try to involve both girls in sometime arty or crafty. This is Caitlin's first experience with playdough.

01 Dec 2008