Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Booooooo with bubbles

Gurgles, squeals, yelps, goos, and ahhs! Ellie’s new project is to perfect her booos! They now last a few seconds and are accompanied by bubbles. The continuous boos go on for a minute and we have them on tape for posterity. We are now teaching her the “mmma” sound. 

Ellie and I spent the last few afternoons with (my cousin) Melissa, as subjects (actually Ellie, not me) of a Montesorri assignment! Ellie had the easy task of just being herself-rolling, laughing, giggling, grasping, gurgling at Mr Brown, leaping to music, wiggling, creeping and cooing.

As Ellie discovers the world little by little I too am learning - so much to read and so much to teach.