Friday, May 27, 2011

Kristen says "Pa"

Its been a crazy few nights. With Kristen getting up too many times at night. I think she just doesn't feed enough in the day with all her sisters running around and wanting to be part of everything. She just stops the minute Ellie or Cait run into the room and it is impossible to nurse in total silence with zero interruption. So I am wondering if this 3rd little girl should be weaned earlier than her sisters. Or else its her stuffy nose that just isn't clearing.

That plus the eternal cough and cold making its way around the family. I can't remember the last time when someone wasn't ill or coughing (us parents included) and I just can't remember the last time waking up feeling rested. (Ok maybe there was just one day last week that that happened.)

Bad sleep and tiredness aside, Kristen has been steadily growing out of her "babyhood" into early "toddlerhood".
  • said her second word "Pa" today. (9 months and 1 day old). The other word in her vocabulary
  • she pats herself/ the person when asked "Where is Papa/Mama/Kristen" (sometime last week, 8 months and 3 weeks old)
  • she stands up hands free for a couple of seconds and looks very pleased with herself (just this last week, almost 9 months old), and cruises all over
  • her top two teeth came out (two weeks ago, 8 1/2 months old)
This one is going to be an early walker, I reckon.

I sometimes wish I could blog a little bit more than I do, and just tonight am reminded why that doesn't happen. As I write, I have been interrupted three times by Kristen because of her stuffy nose.