Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Little steps towards independence

I'm back to writing one blog a month. This is Ellie's second week at school. She's taking a while to adjust to being alone at school and I am still taking a while to settle her in before she gives me a tearful goodbye. I thought the tears would only last one or 2 weeks but judging by stories of other kids crying for 6 months I think it will be a few more weeks or months before I can just drop her off at the doorstep with a quick hug and kiss and "Bye bye mommy." Its getting better though. She cried 20 minutes last friday when I left her for 1 hour and probably less than 5mins today when I left her for one and a half hours.

I really like her new school. Her teachers are fun and dedicated and really take the effort to make Ellie enjoy her day at school. Ellie likes it too although she has started kicking a fuss about not going and asking me to turn around and go home when she realises that she will be left on her own. The good thing is that she's eating her lunch at school (she finished all her speghetti today-never before!) so that's one less meal to worry about.  Ellie's one of the two brand new students in this montessori which has a mixed class of two and half to six year olds and I am the only mommy who has accompanied Ellie this long.

Today, when I came to pick Ellie up from school, Miss AC reccounted a little conversation Ellie had with one of her new friends Ella. Ellie's is making little steps towards independence.

Ellie: Is your mommy here?
Ella: No
Ellie: Then are you happy?
Ella: Yes I am
Ellie: My mommy isn't here too. I am happy.

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