Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Blog Address

My brother migrated me over to this new address- some technical reason for not being able to keep me on the other address. Something about sub-domains and hosting. That's why I have not been blogging for a week or so. Not that it makes that much difference since I blog so little anyhow.

Ellie went on her first school outing today. I decided not to follow her, (although parents were allowed to accompany their child) to let her be on her own for a bit and get a few hours alone with Caitlin. Of course I was ready for plan B- which would have been driving down with Caitlin and helper in tow if she kicked up a big fuss (she is prone to hysterics) about wanting me to go along. But she didn't. She calmly said good bye without as much as a tear.

So Caitlin had some mummy time. I decided to go for a trial kiddy play-gym type of class. I thought Caitlin, being the more outgoing and active of the two sisters would really enjoy this class, but no. I spent most of the class playing with her solo and carrying her (she cried almost half the time) while the other mums and babies sat in a circle and sang songs or got their kids to climb this structure or other. The other kids seemed to be having a good time. Not my Caitlin. Think the money could have been better spent. Especially since some the things they did in class like songs and bubbles and stuff with toys were pretty much what I do with the kids. Except the gym bit-we don't have gym equipment. So maybe that's what the parents pay for.
KM is hogging the study room computer (where the photos are downloaded) with another conference call. That's my excuse for not posting pictures tonight.

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