Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I want to be Nemo when I grow up

Third time round, the aches are setting in earlier. Backache, leg aches, pelvic aches. Sigh, must be my age. I just don't remember feeling so tired during my first two pregnancies. Its the June school holidays but I just don't feel like planning anything big. A trip to the supermarket with the girls is enough for one day. Anyhow, Ellie and Caitlin seem to like busying themselves around the house for most part of the day, and so far (this afternoon for example) I have not had to tear them apart.

I feel like a beached whale for the most part (hope I don't look it). Two more months to go!

Caitlin is getting funnier. This bit here is about what they want to be when they grow up. Caitlin wants to be "Nemo" or "an elephant". Ellie want to be "a Ballerina in the morning, Mermaid in the afternoon and Artist at night." No one wants to be a doctor or lawyer. Too much arty crafty activity at home I think.

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