Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Caitlin goes to school

 My little girl has grown up. It's been two days now, and so far, Caitlin just loves school. There are so many things in school to keep her busy she doesn't even turn round to say bye when I leave. I stayed for half and hour on the first day and just 15 minutes with her today to "settle her in", although after five minutes into school Caitlin really seemed so "settled", that it was really worry on my part about her not wanting to let go. Ellie took two weeks, but with her big sister with her, Caitlin is totally at ease in her new environment. She cried a little yesterday when the children crowded round to check out this new girl on the block and asked for me a couple of times, ("I cry-ded" said Caitlin) but by today, Miss Liz (the principal) said that she was "on her own". According to Ellie and Caitlin, Caitlin showed her "smelly cloth" for show-and-tell on monday and tried to get her new friends to smell it. Of course I don't think anyone did.

I am enjoying the 3 hours I get on my own. Catching up on sleep. Packing the house. Just having some quiet to do my own thing. Things that sound pretty mundane but are pure luxury when you have to deal with two active preschoolers for the rest of the day.

Caitlin on her first day at school.

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