Thursday, June 24, 2010

June Hols

The school holidays went by so quickly! Didn't really anything big this time round. Too tired to plan huge play dates or any really long days out. We went for church camp the first weekend. Then outings to the supermarket, the playgym, library, beach, Spotlight, the Science Centre and Sentosa with Papa. A picnic by our own pool, swimming, baking (pretty tasteless chocolate cupcakes), lots of drawing, painting sessions with grandma. Chilling out at home with toys. Somehow the 4 weeks just zipped by, and Caitlin will start school on Monday!

I can't believe Caitlin's going to school. Ellie is really excited to have her little sister go to school. She can't wait! Part of me is happy because I get three hours to myself (so precious) for 2 months (or maybe less) before the baby comes, but part of me will miss spending mummy time (the three hours when Ellie is usually at school) with Caitlin alone.

Here are some pictures of the girls at home. We just don't bring our camera out with us enough these days.

Ellie with her butterfly costume. I got the skirt and tee for $10 each! Unbelievable! They were on sale at  CottonOn Kids.

Caitlin with one of her favourite tees. I bought Caitlin a butterfly tee-shirt but she just wasn't as thrilled to wear it as her big sister was. Caitlin loves tees with animal pictures. Did I blog about what Caitlin says she wants to be when she grows up? She wants to be "An Elephant".

The two sisters goofing around.

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