Friday, March 12, 2010

Ellie. Four years old.

 I'm doing some freelance work running an online shop. And part of the work involves photographing these handmade clothes to list them for sale. I usually wait for some time when the kids are otherwise occupied or asleep to get my work done but this time I decided to involve them with my work. Once I set up my stuff outside the outside, Ellie and Cait just started running around and darting in front of the camera. So I thought, the lighting is great the background undistracting. Why not take some pictures of my kids too. I got Ellie to stand still for just one moment, and snap I got this shot. The only one before she set off running again. I usually have to take a train of shots before getting a nice one. This is time my only shot turned out good. Or course Caitlin didn't stay still enough for long for me to get anything. So here is Ellie. Four years old.

Been ages since I posted a photo, hasn't it?

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