Thursday, April 16, 2009

Looking like a mermaid and other Ellie thoughts

We passed a picture of a mermaid outside a seafood restaurant when we were are the beach a couple of weeks ago. This was a tacky digitally altered photo of a real lady with a fish tail (ok mermaid tail) and fish scales stamped over where her bra should have been. Ellie, who has only seen Disney mermaids was rather intrigued. I supposed she was slightly puzzled about mermaids not wearing a shirt and wearing their underwear out. A few weeks later, when I was getting dressed, Ellie wisely remarked “when I wear only trousers and a bra, then I will look like a mermaid, right?”
Well, Ellie is potty trained but she still does her poo in her diaper. She will ask to have one on just for the occasion. We always encourage her to use the big loo. The other night I asked when she was going to use the big loo for her poo. “10 years old” she replied. Then the conversation moved on to sleeping on her own in her own room. “And so how old will you be to sleep on your own?” I asked Ellie. “14 years old” she replied. Do we really have to wait this long?

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