Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I will read the big words

Ellie started putting sounds together around this date. Feb 27 2009. And now she’s reading most of the three letter words and some four letter ones and other more common larger words. I am amazed at how it has all come together. Just to make sure she wasn’t memorising the stories (also something I’m pretty amazed by) I’ve been reading brand new books with Ellie, leaving out words. The journey to literacy has been a bit of everything. The home made word cards, Ants on the Apple (the Malaysian published phonics book with the catchy song and simple illustrations), the Starfall website, My Baby Can Read videos, story books, rhymes and then, this year, more formal teaching at school. I was not very consistent with any method and worried that we were not getting anywhere, especially when Caitlin came along and I found my self busy managing two girls with different personalities needs and learning styles, but it HAS all come together.

When we read I now leave out the small words for Ellie. Just the other day Ellie said, “Next time you read the small words and I will read the big words.”

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