Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fairy Skirt

I finally set up my (I mean my mother’s) sewing machine, and just finished making (literally, minutes ago) my first skirt in almost 20 years. Doesn’t that sound like I am really old? Or maybe I made my first skirt when I was really little. I made that last skirt in school for my home economics class a long time ago, and well, the dress I made last week for Waffles doesn’t quite count.

Ellie is really into skirts these days. We have so many clothes for her but all she wants to wear are her skirts. There is this blue flowery skirt that she wants to wear almost every other day, even when it is in the laundry pile. So I decided to make her some skirts to wear to school. I found this great pattern online http://www.oliverands.com/patterns/Oliver+SLazyDaysSkirt.pdf and made Ellie a fairy skirt out of pink organza with tiny sparkly dots. This I hope will be the first in a series of skirts for school. The fairy skirt is meant as a dress-up skirt but I suspect she will want to wear it to school. Caitlin will get a matching skirt too but that will have to come a little later. Can’t wait to take a picture of them both in fairy skirts!

Going write all these details down so that I know how much cloth to get the next time I make a skirt.

Cloth Width: 60″. Bought 750cm for 2 skirts. The width of the skirt is the width from selvedge to selbedge Ribbon length is the same as cloth width.

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