Thursday, December 1, 2011

Case notes

Kristen at 15 Months.
79cm tall. 9.5kg.

My blog is beginning to read like a doctors case notes. Just the facts. Nothing more. My mind seems watered down to that.  Surviving on 5 hours of sleep each night. On average. On bad nights it is five hours of broken sleep. Kristen isn't letting us sleep through the night yet. I blaming those 4 molars brusting through those baby gums. She makes up for the bad nights by being absolutely funny and charming in the day- which is why I manage to get by- and don't actually look the zombie I feel I am. And yes it is God's grace. To remain calm and collected with the 3 girls whizzing by, talking non stop, occasionally attacking each other (Kristen, a-ha! is a fighter too!) chasing each other round the house, asking me all sorts of questions as I am trying to reverse park at 1 km/h. (Of course I end up scraping the side of the car ever so slightly.)

At the end of the day, I am just too pooped to even think of writing about the 101 exciting things that happen each day. Which is why the log is just, a log, notes.

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