Monday, December 7, 2009

Simple and beautiful

Everynight we read one english book, one chinese book and one bible story before we put Ellie and Cait to bed. Caitlin always insists on Jonah and the big fish. "Jonah Big Shish", she asks.  She has a fascination with fish and loves the story and the pictures. So that is always the second bible story we read.

We've been doing this for more than a year now and Ellie's become really interested in Jesus. "Can I see Jesus?" "Can he come to our house?"" I love Jesus". Then on saturday Dec 5th she announced. "I want to follow Jesus". It came so naturally and unexpectedly. I asked if she wanted to prayer to Jesus and then we said a little prayer asking Jesus to forgive her for all the bad things she did and asked him to come into her heart. Just like that. Simple. Childlike. Easy enough for a three and a half year old. I always thought I would have to wait till Ellie was a lot older before I could explain what this whole thing about following Jesus was all about. But she made it so simple,  and yes,  so beautiful.

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