Friday, November 20, 2009


Breakthroughs. Several. The first-The Ellie and Caitlin Relationship.  Ellie has mellowed a lot- she's a lot more sensible about having her little sister share her parents and they play together quite independently until of course one someone decides to play it her own way. And now, quite often, it is Caitlin who puts up a fight and wants to do it her way. The breakthrough is that Ellie has lately become more conciliatory and is "giving way" to her little sister. A big step for some one so fiesty and strong-headed.

Just the other day after the bath we had Caitlin insisted on using a purple towel Ellie was using and was kicking up a big fuss. I asked Ellie to share her towel with Meimei and she did. She dried herself and then passed it to her little sister. Big step.

The second, our daily piano practice. Its been half a year since Ellie and I started going to her MYC (Music for Young Children Music Class). Have I blogged about this before? It is accompanied and very rigorous. Ok the class it pretty fun for the child but the stress is on the parent to cultivate (not impose) daily practice and homework routine. Now which three year old will willingly sit at the piano a hammer out the 2 or 3 pieces he/she is supposed to play. And on top of that revise the dynamics, piano and rhythm patterns learnt in the class. And then hope the child will participate and get the right answers during each weekly class. Maybe its me the perfectionist.  It took four months for Ellie to sit at the piano and at least play something without having her hands go all limp on the keys or making some excuse or other not to play. (those first four months were dark piano playing days-don't know how I got through those. well, sticker rewards did help and definately God's grace) And now six months into the class,

Me: Ellie, piano time!
Ellie: Ok mummy. (and she climbs up the seat to play)

(I pray that this will be something that will happen day after day from this point on)

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  1. You're brave! I wonder whether I'll be able to manage starting baby at 3yrs with any instrument.