Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Planning ahead for the first time

Dear, dear I am down to one post a month. Been up late planning the longest and furthest family holiday to date. A four hour flight to Perth for a 9 day driving trip. With the kids in tow you just don't want to spend more time in the plane then you have to. Looking forward to the good weather. I can't believe how much time I have been on the internet looking for places to stay, trying to get interesting places with a touch of panache and maybe class without blowing our budget. Not easy. The nice places always come expensive. This is the first time we are booking ahead for a driving trip. We usually just leave the country with an airticket, the first nights accomodation and a guide book, but with Ellie and Cait we just didn't want to end up driving in circles in darkness, with 2 whiney kids looking for somewhere to stay. Will write more soon. Probably when I am back from my trip.

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