Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A minor pee episode

I am going to try to go to bed early tonight. By eleven. That is early by my standards.

It is so difficult to stick to a schedule when you have kids. Today, my mom babysat Caitlin while Ellie was in school so that I could go for my weekly pilates class and get my groceries done. The plan was to drop Ellie off at my mom's after school so that I could get some time to myself to clear stuff at home. Just pack the study room for starters. Half way during the ride home from school, (Ellie's school is 5minutes away but I take a circuitous 20min scenic drive to get her to nap in the car) she says "Mama I sheesheed in the carseat." Why didn't she pee at school before I picked her up??? There went my plan to have some home-time to my self. I drove home, sorted Ellie out, and spent the next half and hour or so figuring out how to get the carseat cover off, and cleaning the peed-in seat. By which time there was only just enough time to make it to my mom's to pick everyone up and bring them back for dinner.

One good thing came out of this though. Ellie missed her afternoon nap and went to bed early. So at least I get a bit more of the night to myself.

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