Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ellie turns 3

Ellie’s third birthday was marked by a series of parties across and entire week. I’ve never had so many cakes and candles in that short a time. And to think I’d wanted something small and cosy.

Feb 28- We have a family birthday lunch before KM heads off to US

March 03- WK and P are in town and so we have the my bunch of good ol’ architecture friends over and have a mini reunion of sorts + joint birthday celebration for our kids (3 of them) who are born either on 4th or 5th March.

March 05- This is Ellie’s real birth date so we have a mini-candle blowing session which turns out larger than expected with more family joining in the fun

March 06- KM flies back in time to celebrate Ellie’s birthday in school

March 08- The last and final birthday cake (Phew!) in sunday school.

These pictures were taken on the morning of Ellie’s actual birthday March the 5th.*

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